2021 European Championships and National testing


The 2021 European Championships have been and gone and what an event it was!


We had three students enter the tournament this year and every one of them came home with medals, what a fantastic achievement! KSN Connor also brought home the gold, taking Grand Champion in his final 1st Dahn competition before promoting to 2nd degree. We haven’t been able to compete in any events for about two years due to Covid-19, so this was a breath of fresh air to say the least! It had been a very long time coming and we were so happy to be able to test, compete and see our extended Kuk Sool Won family.


We also had some black belt promotions! PKJN David received his belt for 5th degree, KSN Connor received his certificate for promotion to 2nd degree and JKN Giorgos promoted to 1st degree! Getting to black belt is no easy feat and requires many years of consistent training and practice, four years being the minimum. It takes hard work, dedication, commitment, sweat, and even tears! But its all worth it! Every black belt in Kuk Sool Won has been tried and tested and approved by our Grandmaster, Kuk Sa Nim. When you promote to black belt, you receive a certificate signed by Kuk Sa Nim, which is given to you personally in front of your Kuk Sool family. But your journey doesn’t stop there, you keep going to classes, you keep training and practicing and hopefully help others along their journey too.


Congratulations all!

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