End of Year Celebrations

We celebrated the end of 2023 with our first ever awards night and Christmas party, which was a resounding success! We had many students and their families attend to join in with the festivities and accept their awards.

Our 2023 award winners:

Newcomer award: Elena & Zizi
Shimjang award: Thea
Improvement award: Dovidas & Kian
Etiquette award: Angelina & Aqsa
Adult student of the year: JKN Giorgos
Junior student of the year: DBN Ethan
Student choice award: JKN Karolina

The student choice award was unique, in that the students were the ones to cast votes for each other, here are some of the things they said about each other:
  • Nominee: Dovidas – Indominable spirit.
  • Nominee: Dovidas – He is always a good partner to work with and always willing to help remind me of moves that I have been taught be can’t fully remember – he shows me through going through his own practice with me as his partner first so I can be reminded of how the moves go. He is also patient with me, as my memory can sometimes fail me or if I have been away from class for a while. As he is now a red belt, he is making really good progress with his own practice.
  • Nominee: Elena – Because she is the best.
  • Nominee: JKN Karolina – Perfect techniques
  • Nominee: JKN Karolina – Because I love my sister!
  • Nominee: JKN Karolina – Because she always positive and she still gentle in Martial Arts.
  • Nominee: DBN Ethan – Because he always helps other students.
  • Nominee: DBN Steve  – Dedication, consistency, behaviour.
  • Nominee: Aqsa – She is so punctual and trying her best.
  • Nominee: Thea – She is doing well with her Ki Haps.
  • Nominee: DBN Haroun – He helped me on my techniques.
  • Nominee: Zizi – Because she is the youngest and trying hard.
  • Nominee: Liz – Because she is amazing mum working hard, and a good student.
  • Nominee: Ruwaym – I’m so impressed with how well he is doing.

We welcome 2024 and can’t wait to see what is in store for us and our students!

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