Code of Conduct

As members of the Han Guk Mu Sool Association, we uphold a high standard of conduct and honour, both within our martial arts practice and in our interactions with others. Our Code of Conduct is rooted in the values of respect, discipline, and unity, reflecting the rich tradition of Korean martial arts and the principles of Han Guk Mu Sool™.

Respect and Courtesy

We treat all individuals with respect, regardless of their background, rank, or experience.

We honour our instructors, fellow practitioners, and opponents, acknowledging their contributions and skills.

We refrain from using disrespectful language or behaviour, both inside and outside the training environment.


Discipline and Self-Control

We cultivate self-discipline and self-control, understanding that our actions reflect the essence of our martial art.

We refrain from using our skills for malicious intent or harm and strive to maintain harmony in all situations.

We use our martial arts training responsibly, avoiding unnecessary aggression and conflict.


Integrity and Honesty

We uphold the highest standards of integrity and honesty in all our interactions.

We do not falsely represent our skills or achievements and always provide accurate information.

We acknowledge our mistakes and work towards personal growth and improvement.


Unity and Community

We contribute positively to our martial arts community and support fellow practitioners in their journey.

We foster an environment of camaraderie, teamwork, and encouragement, promoting the growth of all members.

We actively participate in association events, workshops, and seminars, enhancing our skills and knowledge.


Cultural Appreciation

We honour the cultural heritage of Korean martial arts and strive to learn and uphold traditional practices.

We respect the teachings, values, and philosophies of Han Guk Mu Sool and incorporate them into our lives.


Continuous Learning

We approach our martial arts journey as a lifelong path of learning and growth.

We remain open to new techniques, perspectives, and challenges, embracing the opportunity to evolve.


Ethical Responsibility

We promote a safe and inclusive training environment, rejecting any form of discrimination or harassment.

We adhere to the laws and regulations of our respective regions and promote ethical behaviour in all aspects of life.

By following this Code of Conduct, we honour the legacy of Korean martial arts, the essence of Han Guk Mu Sool, and contribute to the betterment of ourselves, our fellow practitioners, and the broader community.