Han Guk Mu Sool

About Us

Formerly Kuk Sool Won of Peterborough™, our aim is to promote and preserve traditional Korean Martial Arts through its continued practice and teaching. 

We are a part of the HGMS association, which was formed in August 2023 and we strive to support individuals and communities in achieving harmony with themselves through the practice of Korean martial arts.

The association is proudly run by its members for the benefit of all Korean martial arts.


Our Values

Harmony Through Balance: Embracing the principles of eum-yang, we cultivate harmony in our practice, seeking balance between technique and spirit, strength and humility.

Resilience in Adversity: Drawing inspiration from the indomitable spirit of Korean history, we develop the strength to persevere in the face of challenges, both in our martial arts journey and life.

Munjeong (문정): We honor the Korean concept of Munjeong, the mental and physical alignment that enables us to achieve a tranquil mind, unlocking deeper levels of skill and understanding.

Chung (청): Rooted in Korean tradition, Chung signifies integrity, honesty, and transparency in our actions, fostering an atmosphere of trust within our martial arts community.

Sahwa (사화): Embodying the spirit of self-improvement, Sahwa drives us to continuously evolve and progress, reflecting the dynamic nature of Korean martial arts.

Courteous Grace: Rooted in Yejeol, we embrace the value of courteous grace, fostering respect, harmony, and genuine connections within our community and beyond.

Hongik Ingan (홍익인간): We embrace the ancient Korean philosophy of Hongik Ingan, which encourages us to contribute to the welfare of all humanity through our martial arts practice and principles.

Shimjang (심장): Instilling the essence of Shimjang, or heartfelt sincerity, we approach our training with passion and devotion, enhancing not only our skills but also our character.

Eumnyul (음률): In line with Eumnyul, the rhythm and flow of Korean martial arts, we learn to adapt to various situations, making fluid and purposeful decisions both in combat and life.

Woori (우리): Embracing the concept of Woori, or unity, we foster a strong bond within our community, where collaboration and support lead to collective growth.


What we teach

Hang Guk Mu Soolencompasses a comprehensive range of curriculum that includes striking techniques, grappling, joint locks, throws, take-downs, ground fighting, self-defence, weapon training, forms, meditation, and mental discipline. Through this diverse range of teachings, practitioners develop physical strength, mental focus, and spiritual growth.


You can find out more at the official Han Guk Mu Sool™ website by clicking the image below: