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The below information contains the syllabus that every adult will learn leading up to their black belt. The syllabus for children, is modified so as not to overwhelm younger students.

It should be noted that each student progresses at their own pace, building upon prior knowledge and skill as they progress. What you learn as a beginner may, at first, seem basic but it is this that forms the fundamental basis and foundation of your training, preparing you to advance through rank. Everything you learn will stay with you throughout your time practicing Kuk Sool Won™. All colour belt testing/grading is carried out within the school and tests are held quarterly. To be eligible for promotion, a student must show a good knowledge, understanding and level of technical skill in the relevant syllabus material, but they must also have a good attitude, demonstrate good etiquette in and out of class and maintain a good attendance record at classes.

The information below is a guide of the syllabus for each belt level, however gradings are not limited to what is outlined .


 Kuk Sool Won of Peterborough

7 Scalford Drive

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  Telephone: 07826435944 kswmartialarts.pboro@gmail.com