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Etiquette describes how we should carry ourselves and how we behave, particularly when training in the Dojang. Etiquette in Korean is “Yea Eue”. The below guidelines outline how we expect our students to behave:

Before class, you should:

  • Arrive in good time and be ready in full uniform.
  • Remove all jewelry.
  • Put your personal belongings to the side.
  • Ask permission to join class if you are late.

During class you should:

  • Bow to the flags when you enter and leave the practice area.
  • Turn and kneel whenever you need to tidy your uniform and belt.
  • Say “Yes Sir” or “Yes Ma’am” when talking to someone, or use their rank.
  • Ask to leave the training area, whether that be to get a drink or use the facilities.
  • Stand in attention position and listen when an instructor is talking to you or addressing the class.
  • Be friendly and welcoming towards new members.
  • Only practice what you have been taught by the instructor.
  • Never ask to be taught; you will learn new material when you are ready.
  • Never teach others unless asked to by your instructors.
  • Say thank you or “Kam Sa Ham Ni Da” to your instructors.
  • Leave quietly and respectfully.

For Parents:

  • Please feel free to watch classes, but do so quietly so as to not disrupt learning.
  • Please do not enter the training area unless given permission.
  • Please do not distract your child or attempt to teach whilst the instructor is doing so.
  • Set your child the goal to improve, not to achieve the next belt.
  • Be careful not to compare your child with other children.
  • Be helpful but please don’t coach your child.
  • Teach your children to enjoy the thrill of competition – not winning or losing.
  • Practice sensibly at home but never at school.

We adopt a zero-tolerance policy and students found breaking these will no longer be welcome:

  • Fighting or aggressive behaviour in or out of the Dojang.
  • Bullying.
  • Discrimination of any form.
  • Harassment.
  • Criminal activity.


Remember – Kuk Sool Won™ is for everyone to enjoy and we should be able to do so without hinderance from others.

 Kuk Sool Won of Peterborough

7 Scalford Drive

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